Macedonia Homecoming 2011 was a great service in the Lord! The Lord brought us  to the attention of Romans 2:4 latter part of the verse which says “not knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance” Paul starts at the ground zero of theology ,we are all guilty, RN 1 the gentile is guilty, RN 2 the jew is guilty, RN 3 we are all guilty, the term O man in the text of RN2:1-4 generally follows with reproof. In our court system today when a man is found guilty he  is carried off to prison, God allows guilty man to roam freely and partake of his goodness, you may ask why, this verse teaches us that The goodness of God is the Provision that Pilots us to a Place and that place is repentance. Goodness also is a feminine noun in this verse  which means that the goodness of God is a help meet  to bring us to greatest of all the goodness of the Lord and that is the cross. Psalm 107:8,15,21,31 OH THAT MEN WOULD PRAISE THE LORD FOR HIS GOODNESS, AND HIS WONDERFUL WORKS TO THE CHILDREN  OF MEN!!!! So Thou art inexcusable, O man.  

From the Pastors desk God bless you!