{xtypo_dropcap}M{/xtypo_dropcap}acedonia was invited to a home in the outskirts of wagram, the lady Stephanie Lowrie has been  going thru some challenging times in her life. Ms. Stephanie has just had knee surgery a  few weeks back along with a disorder found with her heart. We had some heartfelt moments in the home tonight as she admitted that her relationship was not where she wanted it to be  with the Lord.  It came time for scripture and prayer as she requested this to be done and she begin to share with us on how she liked Psalms 23 and before they opened there bible I quoted the Psalm and expounded just  for a few minutes and the Lord blessed us there and I want to thank Sis. Reba Locklear for her obedience on reaching out to those who can not get out and go to church. I encourage the church and the conference to work while its day night comes when no man can work and pray for Ms. Stephanie for physical healing and spiritual healing, HARVEST IS TRULY PLENTEOUS BUT THE LABOURERS ARE FEW!!!