Maxton- Not so long ago people in our rural community would gather around on the front porch and sit and converse for hours. While the adults sat on swings and metal lawn chairs the children would be out from the house playing ball, tag and climbing trees sometimes falling out which was then another story. But today it seems that everyone is in such a hurry going to and fro with seemingly nowhere to go or at least never arriving there. No one seems to just sit down and talk to one another face-to-face anymore. We are busy texting on Facebook, Twitter or some other social media which is ironic because the logic behind such programs is to build social relationships. All of that said today Shoeheel had an old-fashioned fish-fry with members, friends and folks from the community coming together just for fellowship and a “little” food. Brother Bracy Scott and Billy Hunt cooked up a mess of a variety of fish, frog legs, hot dogs, hush puppies and fried sweet potatoes while the women pitched in with slaw, cakes and pies. About seventy people sat around for the most part just catching up with each other’s busy lives. No television, no texting and no cell phones everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and it may be hard for some to believe but we did actually have lives before all of this technology much simpler one’s at that. No pictures on purpose you had to be there to get it.