New Bethel Holiness Methodist Church celebrated our Pastor’s wife Sister Marilyn Hammonds on March 24, 2024. One of her favorite songs “Special Love” was played in her honor and she was presented with an embroidered throw with the message “We Love You, New Bethel Holiness Methodist Church”. She also received a Pastors Wife survival kit that included:

Flosser pick: To help you pick out the good qualities in others.
Tissue: To wipe the tears of joy or sadness
Mounds: For the “Mounds” of support you give your husband
Mint: YOU are worth a mint to GOD
Marbles: To replace any you might lose
Button: To remind you that sometimes we have to “BUTTON OUR LIPS”
LifeSaver: For the times others might need your help
Pencil: To remind you to list your blessings everyday
Rubber band: Be flexible, things may not go the way you want, but they will work out.
Teabag: Relax everyday and go over your list of Blessings
Almond Joy: For all the “JOY” you bring to the world

Last, she was given a gift card to her favorite nail salon. New Bethel loves our Pastor and his lovely wife Sister Marilyn!