Maxton- Never let it be said that there is nothing to be done at the church where Dwayne Lowry is the pastor because he believes in an all hands on deck policy when it comes to the Lord’s work. Pictured above as you can see he had the pastors’ wife (Sister Teresa) out sweeping hot asphalt on her day off. Does the man have no shame?


(Below) Brother Clyde Locklear got caught up in the fray.



(Pictured below) Mr. Bracy Scott supervises all of the hot action in between bouts with the heat, the asphalt and the devil at times. His words of wisdom, determination and encouragement kept the crew busy.



(Pictured below left) Somehow new convert Brother Daryl Jones managed to have a day to do nothing but work at the church, Praise the Lord! He and the old prophet (in the photo bottom right) and more widely known by those who know him best as the Reverend Malcolm Jones were the head gurus on the mechanics.


We would also like to thank all of the church family who came out and worked on this endeavor. We also wish to thank Brother Mitchell Harris and Brother Glenn Locklear for the use of their equipment without which this could not have been possible. Let us also thank Sister Susan Deese who made certain we had plenty of bottled water, Gatorade and soft drinks.