Maxton-While most who had the day off in recognition of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday and spent the time doing whatever for themselves members of the youth group of Shoeheel Holiness Methodist church and volunteers from CYNAS 3E spent the day building a wheel chair ramp. Pictured in the group are Seth Locklear, Abel Locklear, Santanna Lowry, Justin Locklear and the Reverend Clyde Locklear Jr. and behind the camera Mr. Tim Locklear project coordinator for the Community and Disabilities Services (CADS) program with CYNAS 3E. After the job was completed the group was treated to a meal at Wendy’s. If you would like to donate or wish to participate in a worthwhile building project contact your local pastor or Missions chairperson or Brother Tim at 910 521-3690.

M Jacobs 2015 Jan 3