Rest Homes are not Alone

Rest Homes should be visited. Goody bags are prepared as they may not always get treats that we may get on a regular basis. A touching hand, the reading of a book to someone, singing, praise and worship performance or a gentle smile can bless someone more than we realize.

Striving and Thriving for Our Can Food Drive

Cans are collected year round as people not only need food at Thanksgiving and Christmas, but every day of the year. We are reaching out and helping our community to prosper with God’s help and guiding hand.

Giving for Thanksgiving

Preparations for Thanksgiving Baskets begin in late October and continue through November and December, so that we may bless needy families to have a wonderful and delicious dinner on Thanksgiving. We are all blessed to have a hot elaborate Thanksgiving dinner and others should have one as well.

Generous Christmas

Preparations continue after Thanksgiving, to prepare Christmas Baskets so that needy families may enjoy a delicious dinner on Christmas as well as Thanksgiving.

Gifts are collected for needy families, especially children and are given in the Christmas Baskets during the Christmas season. It is important to give to those who need it most.