We took the time on Sept. 15th 2013 the year of our Lord to honor one of our senior citizen Sister Rosa Lee Brewer for her years of service which we need to continue at Macedonia. Sister Rosa Lee came to us through marriage of one of our own who has went on by the way of the grave Bro. Carl Brewer, Thank you Bro. Carl for sharing this wonderful woman of God with us. Sister Rosa Lee has the roll of cooking the best chicken and pastry around but not only her cooking, she has a huge outreach to the church and community through a food bank we have access to. She is apart of Seniors for Christ and Youth for Christ groups at the church and a very faithful member, a true christian. We invited her family, siblings and all to attend and honor her and we surprised her, she did not let her know she was cooking for herself! Thank You for all you do for the LORD!

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