Fairmont- The Bible declares that the honoring of parents adds longevity to the individuals life and that the older men and women should gladly take on the responsibility to nurture and mentor the younger members of the body of Christ. If this is done effectively those who have been mentored will naturally have a fond appreciation for their elders. This was very evident on September the 29th 2012 when the congregation of New Bethel Holiness Methodist Church honored all of their elders with a special dinner at the church. Those present enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by members of the church the menu included turkey, fresh made from scratch stuffing, fresh vegetables
and a variety of cakes and pies. The church was also fortunate to be able to recognize and celebrate the 75th birthday of Mr. Redell Hunt who is affectionately known as the hand shaker of the church. He makes it his purpose to greet everyone at church visitors and members alike. We would like to thank every one who made this great event a success

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