Rev. Jacobs stated the following:
1.    Peace
2.    Joy
3.    Love
“We need peace among the unsaved. We need peace in our churches. If we don’t have peace on the outside- the schools, the court system, or here among each other then we don’t know the peace of Jesus. Jesus said my peace is deeper than anything else. It passes all understanding (Example : Cane and Abel) Cane killed his brother because he didn’t have much peace or joy.”- Rev Willie Jacobs

“Love one another. When someone passes away we say we lost them—but we didn’t lose them because we know where they are! If we praise the Lord now, we can praise the Lord when death comes to our door. We belong to God, we must give that love back. Remember when you got saved you wanted to tell everybody what happened. You are blessed beyond measure! The Word of God is a road map that we can live by.”-Rev Willie Jacobs

“My people we must put love, peace ,and joy back in to our homes.” -Rev Willie Jacobs


The choir sang “Sing me a song about Jesus” and “There is a River.”