Sunday Night Rev. Teddy Jacobs 2Cor 4:16-18 RN 8:18 “Its gonna be worth it”

Monday Night Rev. Ricky Burnette Phil. 3:21 “Jesus can change things”

Tuesday Night Rev. Teddy Jacobs Luke 13:10-17 “Its time to get loose”

Wed. Night Rev. Ricky Burnette Mark 10:32-34 “I’m coming out”

Thursday night Rev. Teddy Jacobs Acts 4:14-20 “I couldn’t keep it to myself”

Friday night Rev. Ricky Burnette 1Sam. 17:38,39 ” No thank you I have the Shepherd” 

6 People repented of there sins, Marquisse Blue, Dianne Locklear, Betty Deese, Harold Collins Jr., Stacey Jacobs, Ronald Nicolaus Allen Jacobs

Pictured are Pastor Robin Hammonds, Ricky Burnette, Teddy Jacobs