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.Feb 19th 2011
.Smyrna Baptist Church

11th_hour_sign_300As we look around us and see the tragedy and destruction going on, we cannot help but think how much longer it will be before Jesus comes again. We worry about things that we have no control over such as hurricanes, natural disasters, wars, earthquakes, oil spills and so on.

If we just look next door or down the road terrible things are happening. I’m writing this to say we all have a job. You may not be a preacher, teacher, singer, youth director, and leader at church or even hold a position but I encourage you to be someone, that God can use.

Let us be mindful that people are dying every day without knowing Jesus as their Savior. Romans 14:11 says, For it is written, as I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.

Will you stand confident before God knowing that your name has been recorded in his book or will you hear him say, Depart from me, for I never knew you?


Bronnie Scott
– Contact Info. 910-740-9088

Update 1-10-2011

The Eleventh Hour was held on Saturday Jan. 8th 2011 at Smyrna Baptist Church in Lumberton. There was approximately 650 people in attendance with standing room only and many others had to be turned away. Pre-show started at 5:30 which consisted of singing by Chosen Generation followed by opening remarks by Bro. Bronnie Scott and Pastor Carl Pevia. The invitation was given and 13 souls made a commitment to Jesus Christ as their Savior. Bibles were given to each person. We give God all the glory and thank Him for His Grace and Mercy.

Cecelia Locklear


Update 12-07-2010

The Eleventh Hour was held on Dec. 5th at Smyrna Baptist Church in Lumberton. Around 5:30, a pre-show was held with singing, remarks from the pastor, and a congregational song.  The church was packed with standing room only. Chairs were brought out. There were over 500 in attendance.  
When the invitation was given, over 40 people came forward to commit their life to Christ. The power of the Holy Ghost filled the atmosphere and lives were changed. We thank God for drawing those to repent and surrender their lives to him. Please continue to remember the cast and crew in your prayers as we continue to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Cecelia Locklear


Update 9-20-2010

Saturday Sept. 18, 2010, prior to the play, cast members went by twos door to door sharing the gospel in the neighborhood of East Lumberton.  Tracts and invitations were given out to approximately 70 house holds. The Eleventh Hour was once again performed at East Lumberton Church of God. The cast members would like to give special thanks to Rev. Bruce Brumfield and congregation for the warm welcome that was extended to us.  The spirit of the Lord moved and touched as each scene was performed. We ask that you continue to pray for each cast and crew member as we go forth with our ministry for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Ramona Scott


Update 9-14-2010

The Eleventh Hour was presented at West End Baptist Church on Saturday, September 11th. Prior to the performance, some of the cast went out in the neighborhood and invited people to come. Even though no one came during the altar call, the congregation heard a wonderful testimony by Bro. Barry Locklear, who portrays Satan in the play. In his testimony, Bro. Barry revealed how he can portray Satan so well, “I am a Christian. I give my best for Him because He gave His best for me”. I’ve only been on board with the Eleventh Hour since July, but I’ve witnessed the dedication of the cast and crew to answer the call all Christians have been given – to spread the gospel. Please continue to pray for this group as they travel wherever God leads.                                                                                                              

–Valarie Deese


We thank God for another opportunity to share The Eleventh Hour, which was held Sunday August 22, at Island Grove Baptist Church on Hwy 710 between Pembroke and Red Springs. There were 8 souls saved and we give God the praise. We will continue to travel and spread the word, so please keep us in your prayers. Will you stand confident before God knowing that your name has been recorded in his book, or will you hear him say Depart from me, for I never knew you?

-Cecelia Locklear


Update 8-2-2010 

The Eleventh Hour

Union Chapel Holiness Methodist Church drama group and friends from the local community were blessed with the opportunity to proclaim the gospel yet again. It was held Saturday night July 30, 2010 at Freedom Baptist Church located on Rennert Rd near the Saddletree Community. The cast was full of energy as they placed their full faith in God supplying the same wonderful spirit that has graced each event so far. There were fifteen souls to step forward admit, believe and confess that Jesus Christ had saved them from their sins. We give God all the honor and glory for allowing us to be a part of the advancement of his kingdom. We sincerely thank you for all of your prayers and we know that you will continue to remember us as we pray daily for God’s will to be done in all that we do. Each new convert was given a new converts Bible to help them in their walk with Christ.

-Heather Locklear



11thhour4We had the opportunity to present The Eleventh Hour at the Givens Performing Arts Center (GPAC) on Saturday July 10th at 6 pm. There was a powerful moving of the Holy Spirit in the building  with more than 1200 guests and 15 souls were saved that night.  We give God the thanks and praise Him for all that He has done and will continue to do for us.  
Continue  to pray for us as we travel from church to church to share with others that there is a heaven and a hell. We have had 125 people make a confession thus far and we are praying for many more. If you would like to join this ministry and help disciple a new convert please contact us at 910-740-9088

Please check back here for the next showing.

-Cecelia Locklear

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