Riverside Church held there annual VBS on June 23-25 and had a very good turn out each night. The theme this year was Jungle Safari, where our young people learned the importance of serving God and serving others. Our lay leaders and teachers did a marvelous job in bring out the importance of being a servant of God.
God is creator, God is provider, God is protector, God is savior, God is king. Without God we wouldn’t exist and God gives us everything we have and God is our shelter in the storms of life. God is the promise Messiah who saves all mankind if they would only come to Him to be The Lord of Lords and the King of Kings in their life. If they will call on His amazing grace He will set them free no matter what the age, no matter the circumstances, no matter the skin color, no matter the social status, He is here for us all and we thank Him for being our Savior.

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