Dear Beloved Congregation Of The Lord Jesus Christ!



s I visited our congregations this Conference year, I believe we understand that the Lumber River Holiness Methodist Conference is various Churches but one body.  We are one not because we agree on every issue.  We are not one because we have the same taste.  We are ONE because the Lord God does not gather his Church through the work of two holy Spirits but one Holy Spirit.

As Long as we remain in the Lumber River Holiness Methodist Conference, we remain one body through the working of one Spirit who works in our heart.  It’s a matter of Faith, Brother and Sisters, to EMBRACE as true, the UNITY of Acts 2 must exists in the bond of our Churches.
This has been a Peaceful but challenging year.  All Churches have exceeded their Church budgets.  This assures us that the world may be perplexed but God is blessing his People.  Our hearts are heavy for those that have not accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour but we must continue to pray.
“We are also uplifted that we have men and women still serving and praising the Lord.  Let’s give encouragement to those joining our Churches and Conference.  This gives us hope that as God calls some home, we have others to carry on the service for our Lord.”
May we always remember that:
  • Unity builds Love
  • Love Brings Peace
  • Peace Bonds us TOGETHER
Elton Hunt
Conference Superintendent