our reading this page marks a new era in the life of our Conference. This website is the culmination of a great deal of work and the fulfillment of a dream many years in the making. As you navigate your way through these pages you will be traveling through over 110 years of rich history. Contained within you will find the development of the first free-standing Native American Methodist Conference in the United States. While the Lumber River Holiness Methodist Conference was established in 1900 many of our member churches date back to the years of the Civil War and the period of Reconstruction which followed.

While this site has just recently been established it is our sincere hope that it will  be beneficial not only to our local church as a tool for the dissemination of information but will also give visitors an introduction to the Doctrine, Discipline and History of our wonderful Conference and the members that it represents. Our Conference impact on the educational, political and more importantly on the religious life of the citizens of both Hoke and Robeson counties and Southeastern are immeasurable. It is through this history that we now find ourselves and through which by the “Grace” of God we look to our future. North Carolina

“We invite you to come learn about us and hopefully in the process learn more about the Christ we serve and experience His joy for yourself”