As we set the end date in place for 2020, many of us are glad to see the year come to a close. With the pandemic, quarantines, economic stressors and political and racial unrest at bay it seems like we’ve endured far more than we bargained for. So with hopes of a promising New Year on the horizon, we want to say thank you for your encouragement, support and continued persistence to overcome the collective barriers we faced this year and arrive at some well celebrated end of the year events. Although, we had to be creative and not rely on our traditional ways of doing things. We discovered that despite the obstacles, COVID-19 also brought many souls to Jesus that may never have walked through the traditional church doors. We realized the value of creative collaboration, fellowship and the growing desire to worship our Savior! We laughed, cried and shared precious time outdoor Christmas Caroling, outdoor Rest Home Visits, and arranging Care Package Drop-offs for UNC-Pembroke students who were unable to return during the pandemic over Christmas break. This year’s events concluded this past Sunday, as we shared in outdoor social distance Holy Communion with Rev. Anthony Chavis, Conference Superintendent who shared an inspiring message from 1 Corinthians 15:58. The theme was “Do the Checklist” as Paul is calling for a Self Reflection to those who have been changed.

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