Fairmont- the recent cold weather resulted in a pipe freezing and bursting at New Bethel Holiness Methodist Church the subsequent water damage would lead to the removal of old drywall requiring that it be replaced and prepared for a new coat of paint. On March 20, 2015 Roman Lowry a member of the church along with Jesse Locklear and Dwayne Lowry members at Shoeheel church got together to tackle the task. Helped by Brother Connor Blue, Holly Hunt and Jimmy Oxendine the crew marked three tasks off of an extended list of items to be done before the church can regain full use of its facilities. The plumbing that was exposed to the elements was covered in pipe insulation for protection, in addition new insulation was placed in the attic and of course new sheet rock was hung and finished. With these jobs out of the way the Church moves one step closer to job completion.